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Caring for myself is not being self-indulgent

Caring For Myself Is Not Being Self-indulgent

I have learned that caring for myself is not being self-indulgent. It is self-preservation and vital to my health.

Is captain america’s shield a capacitor? | science blogs | wired

Is Captain America’s Shield a Capacitor? | Science Blogs | WIRED

Captain America's shield is made of a strange substance called vibranium, which has the ability to absorb energy into its molecular bonds. As physicist Rhett Allain explains, this essentially turns the shield into a gigantic star-spangled supercapacitor.

Longaccess wants to cold-store your digital life for 30 years | techcrunch

LongAccess Wants To Cold-Store Your Digital Life For 30 Years | TechCrunch

Tech people are probably used to the idea that we'll have our memories and photos stored online. Sure, we have it in the backs of our mind that it'll all be..

Xiaomi looks to steal thunder from oneplus with launch of...

Xiaomi looks to steal thunder from OnePlus with launch of...

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi today gave fans a sneak peek at an upcoming new device. But what is it?

Fbi issues bizarre warning about russian vcs

FBI issues bizarre warning about Russian VCs

The head of the FBI's Boston office believes that Russian investors want to gain access to classified technology.

The type of success that could only come from here?

The type of success that could only come from here?

Caution: excessive stereotyping in this post! People quote Skype ad Nauseam when talking about category changing models from Europe. It’s time for the new generation to come up with businesses that...

Startups anonymous: the most expensive lesson i learned was to start a startup in europe

Startups Anonymous: The most expensive lesson I learned was to start a startup in Europe

[This is a weekly series that brings you raw, first-hand experiences from founders and investors in the trenches. Their story submissions are anonymous, allowing them to share openly without fear o...

This open source graffiti drone will give cops nightmares | design | wired

This Open Source Graffiti Drone Will Give Cops Nightmares | Design | WIRED

Katsu pilots the craft remotely, but every movement is translated through the machine's need to keep itself aloft.

Samsung and amazon team up for custom galaxy kindle e-book app | techcrunch

Samsung And Amazon Team Up For Custom Galaxy Kindle E-Book App | TechCrunch

So much for trashing the Kindle. Today Samsung is announcing a new app, Kindle for Samsung, created in partnership with Amazon, that will let Galaxy device..

Line starts letting users make and sell their own stickers on its messaging platform | techcrunch

Line Starts Letting Users Make And Sell Their Own Stickers On Its Messaging Platform | TechCrunch

Mobile messaging platform Line, which is gunning for a billion registered users by 2015 and is also reportedly considering an IPO later this year, has added a..

Weibo’s ipo may underwhelm, but don’t discount other chinese tech stocks | techcrunch

Weibo’s IPO May Underwhelm, But Don’t Discount Other Chinese Tech Stocks | TechCrunch

Weibo, the influential microblogging service owned by Sina, has reportedly raised just $285.6 million in its initial public offering, according to Bloomberg...

Youtube’s big plan to turn its stars into real celebrities | business | wired

YouTube’s Big Plan to Turn Its Stars Into Real Celebrities | Business | WIRED

YouTube wants to be treated with the respect of a full-fledged television network. So it's advertising on real television. Here's why that's good news for everyone.

Jean-claude juncker seeks to open door for eu telecoms deals -

Jean-Claude Juncker seeks to open door for EU telecoms deals -

Europe’s telecom companies could soon be getting what they have long been begging for: looser EU competition rules that would finally allow them to consolidate and boost profitability. Jean-Claude Juncker, a leading candidate to become the next

Financial management app developer qapital launching to challenge | techcrunch

Financial Management App Developer Qapital Launching To Challenge | TechCrunch

Qapital, a new financial management app developer based in Europe, is preparing to launch in the U.S. and Sweden as it looks to challenge's dominance..

Tech in asia taipei meetup: 5000 miles to 500 startups: an evening with rui ma (500 startups)

Tech In Asia Taipei Meetup: 5000 Miles to 500 Startups: An Evening with Rui Ma (500 Startups)

On our first Tech In Asia Meetup in Taipei for year 2014, we will be inviting Rui Ma to lead a fireside chat with co-founders of Bounty Hunter and POP App where the two entrepreneurs talk about their experiences moving from Taipei to Silicon Valley to join 500 Startups. All startups, entrepreneurs and investors are invited to join us for ...

Tokyo otaku mode gets series a funding to grow its anime estore

Tokyo Otaku Mode gets series A funding to grow its anime estore

Anime fan-site turned ecommerce portal Tokyo Otaku Mode has got its hands on series A funding worth JPY 270 million - that’s US$2.64 million.

Openstack has wooed developers for years, now it's time to charm users

OpenStack has wooed developers for years, now it's time to charm users

On this week’s Structure Show, OpenStack Foundation executive director Jonathan Bryce and COO Mark Collier make their case for enterprise OpenStack adoption.