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Cracking japan’s insular consumer tech and startup scene...

Cracking Japan’s insular consumer tech and startup scene...

The Japan tech and startup scene has a reputation for being insular, but that doesn’t mean it’s a market worth shying away from. Not only are Japanese consumers well-wired to extremely fast internet speeds, they’re quite willing to spend money on software. According to analytics firm App...

This ’80s anime version of harry potter is everything | underwire | wired

This ’80s Anime Version of Harry Potter Is Everything | Underwire | WIRED

OK, so this isn't the entire Harry Potter series reimagined as anime—which would've been amazing—but just seeing this quick bit of Akira-at-Hogwarts is still fairly epic.

Genetic tricks could make bionic ears hear better | science | wired

Genetic Tricks Could Make Bionic Ears Hear Better | Science | WIRED

Scientists have devised a strategy they hope will one day make bionic ears even sharper. The idea is to make neurons inside the cochlea sprout new branches and become more sensitive to signals from a cochlear implant.

Uber, snapcar and others won’t be able to use geolocation in france | techcrunch

Uber, SnapCar And Others Won’t Be Able To Use Geolocation In France | TechCrunch

Thomas Thévenoud had an impossible job -- he was the French deputy in charge of finding an agreement between urban transportation startups and taxi unions in..

The return of reddit’s /r/technology is “certainly possible” | techcrunch

The Return Of Reddit’s /r/Technology Is “Certainly Possible” | TechCrunch

A whole "department" of Reddit was demoted this week, with the /r/Technology subreddit being removed from the Reddit homepage and the default subreddit..

Crowdsourcing marketplace designcrowd expands to philippines, aims...

Crowdsourcing marketplace DesignCrowd expands to Philippines, aims...

DesignCrowd has opened an office in the Philippines and launched the DesignCrowd Philippines site.

Striking photos of the rooms where vips shape history | design | wired

Striking Photos of the Rooms Where VIPs Shape History | Design | WIRED

You often hear about decisions being made in the seat of power. In reality, it's more like seats. teams up with 2can to launch mobile card reader

Yandex.Money teams up with 2Can to launch mobile card reader

Yandex will take a 2.5% commission for all transactions using the reader, which accepts Visa and Mastercard payments.

I lead mobile monetization for apac at global mobile ad platform...

I lead mobile monetization for APAC at global mobile ad platform...

How can you successfully deploy mobile advertising as part of your monetization strategy? What do advertisers want and how do you take advantage of that? Sponsored post.

Foxconn, singtel invest $3.2m in smart video surveillance by...

Foxconn, SingTel invest $3.2M in smart video surveillance by...

The startup has developed tech which matches facial features to a database to establish identities.

Feds beg supreme court to let them search phones without a warrant | threat level | wired

Feds Beg Supreme Court to Let Them Search Phones Without a Warrant | Threat Level | WIRED

American law enforcement has long advocated for universal "kill switches" in cellphones to cut down on mobile device thefts. Now the Department of Justice argues that the same remote locking and data-wiping technology represents a threat to police investigations--one that means they should be free to search phones without a warrant.

The government-surplus machines that power a cutting-edge science museum

The Government-Surplus Machines That Power a Cutting-Edge Science Museum

"I told her she can give them to us if she wants, but we won’t take care of them."But the machines used to build these machines, along wit...

Mark zuckerberg visits his psychotherapist in this bizarre tv ad...

Mark Zuckerberg visits his psychotherapist in this bizarre TV ad...

WeChat has come out with a bizarre new ad that features Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg visiting his psychotherapist. Sorta.

Ratmir timashev of abrt on investing in russian startups: “for western funds, there are good opportunities in russia, but it’s far easier to invest in silicon valley” | east-west digital news – russian digital industries in english - russian it news

Ratmir Timashev of ABRT on investing in Russian startups: “For Western funds, there are good opportunities in Russia, but it’s far easier to invest in Silicon Valley” | East-West Digital News – Russian digital industries in English - Russian IT news

Ratmir Tymashev, a partner in venture fund ABRT, has been investing in partnership with Luxembourg-based fund Mangrove Capital Partners since 2007. In this article, published initially by Hopes & Fears, a Russian online publication dedicated to startups and entrepreneurship, he draws on this experience to explain how foreign funds approach the Russian IT sector.

These satellite gadgets will save your butt in the backcountry | gadget lab | wired

These Satellite Gadgets Will Save Your Butt in the Backcountry | Gadget Lab | WIRED

A regular mobile phone is enough to keep you in touch around most of the populated parts of the world. But if you really want to go into the boonies, you'll appreciate a device that can talk to satellites.

Apple’s greater china revenues approach a record $10 billion...

Apple’s Greater China revenues approach a record $10 billion...

Apple convened with shareholders for its latest quarterly earnings call last night, during which the company revealed it generated revenues of $45.6 billion over the three month period – the company’s strongest non-holiday quarter ever, according to CEO Tim Cook. In particular, the company...

Fcc tells internet to chill, denies that it will kill net neutrality | techcrunch

FCC Tells Internet To Chill, Denies That It Will Kill Net Neutrality | TechCrunch

Earlier today reports struck that the FCC was considering new net neutrality rules that would allow content purveyors to pay ISPs for preferential access to..

Facebook still unstoppable as it grows to 390 million active users...

Facebook still unstoppable as it grows to 390 million active users...

Facebook now has 390 million monthly active users (MAUs) in Asia, from a grand total of 1.276 billion around the world.

The hackers who recovered nasa’s lost lunar photos | raw file | wired

The Hackers Who Recovered NASA’s Lost Lunar Photos | Raw File | WIRED

For five years, a group of self-described techno-archaeologists working in an old, abandoned McDonald's have been on a mission: to recover and digitize forgotten photos taken in the ‘60s by a quintet of scuttled lunar satellites.