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Why are we so fat? the multimillion-dollar scientific quest to find out | magazine | wired

Why Are We So Fat? The Multimillion-Dollar Scientific Quest to Find Out | Magazine | WIRED

Adam Voorhes In January of this year, the first subject checked into the metabolic ward at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, to participate in one of the most rigorous dietary studies ever devised. For eight weeks, he was forbidden to leave. He spent two days of each week inside tiny airtight rooms…

Linkedin is quietly retiring network visualization tool inmaps | techcrunch

LinkedIn Is Quietly Retiring Network Visualization Tool InMaps | TechCrunch

A little autumn cleaning underway at LinkedIn. The company is quietly retiring InMaps, a tool that let you map out how your LinkedIn network looks. A notice..

Japan is finally opening up to the rest of the tech world

Japan is finally opening up to the rest of the tech world

Will Japan be able to marry its strong history of hardware innovation and build mass appeal for the next generation of software-based technology firms?

Freecharge, which gives users coupons for charging their mobile plans, raises $33m series b | techcrunch

FreeCharge, Which Gives Users Coupons For Charging Their Mobile Plans, Raises $33M Series B  | TechCrunch

FreeCharge, an India-based online platform that lets user earn coupons when they add money to their prepaid mobile phone plans or pay utility bills online,..

Jump cable is the right smartphone charger for forgetful people | techcrunch

JUMP Cable Is The Right Smartphone Charger For Forgetful People | TechCrunch

Like many other users, the battery on my iPhone tends to die right before the end of the day. One obvious solution is to use a case like the Mophie, but I..

The new era of smart dining | techcrunch

The New Era Of Smart Dining | TechCrunch

The restaurant industry has been around for a long time - since the dawn of Western civilization itself. Starting in Ancient Rome, some of the earliest known..

15 awesome gmail plugins to boost your email productivity

15 Awesome Gmail Plugins To Boost Your Email Productivity

Check out these Gmail Plugins that can help you save a lot of time and effort in the future.

South korean search giant daum has a better map of north korea than google

South Korean search giant Daum has a better map of North Korea than Google

Daum's new online maps of North Korea reportedly provide greater coverage and detail than the existing Google Maps.

When does uber become cheaper than owning a car? | techcrunch

When Does Uber Become Cheaper Than Owning A Car? | TechCrunch

Thanks to the proliferation of local transportation services like Uber, we’re entering a world in which people have less reason to drive everywhere they..

Inside the magical room where the best headphones in the world are made | gadget lab | wired

Inside the Magical Room Where the Best Headphones in the World Are Made | Gadget Lab | WIRED

Smart people know that Sunset Park is where you get the best Chinese food in Brooklyn. Really smart people know it's also where you get great headphones—some of the best in the world. The Grados have been making audiophile-grade cans in the same building since 1955. What was the family produce mart is now a…

Need more space on your iphone? how to quickly delete all photos from your camera roll

Need more space on your iPhone? How to quickly delete all photos from your Camera Roll

After you’ve downloaded to your Mac or uploaded to the cloud all of the photos from your iPhone that you want to keep, check out these easy tips for freeing up space on your phone.

Vandrico wants to become the wearables platform for the workplace | techcrunch

Vandrico Wants To Become The Wearables Platform For The Workplace | TechCrunch

If you know about Vandrico, it's probably because of the company's cool wearables database we featured earlier this year. That was just a byproduct of..

Tables, tablets, data and eating | techcrunch

Tables, Tablets, Data And Eating | TechCrunch

Restaurants as we know them have remained the same for over two hundred years, and fables about amazing restaurant tech have inevitably leapt to futuristic..

Gadget lab podcast: can i use my iphone’s nfc to pay for my uber? | gadget lab | wired

Gadget Lab Podcast: Can I Use My iPhone’s NFC to Pay for My Uber? | Gadget Lab | WIRED

This week, Mat and Mike talk about the latest leaks out of Cupertino, the ongoing fight between Uber and Lyft, and the hot gadget on everyone's holiday wish list, the Knee Defender.

It’s nice when someone remembers small details about you

It’s Nice When Someone Remembers Small Details About You

It's nice when someone remembers small details about you. Not because you keep reminding them, but because they actually care.

Are all accelerators decelerators? | techcrunch

Are All Accelerators Decelerators? | TechCrunch

Hari, a smart and very savvy early-stage entrepreneur, emailed me to ask if it was worth joining a well-known accelerator. I texted an emphatic "No!" We then..

Yohann is an ipad stand jony ive could be proud of | techcrunch

Yohann Is An iPad Stand Jony Ive Could Be Proud Of | TechCrunch

I didn't think I'd ever get excited about an iPad stand. But the Yohann, designed by Swiss architect Berend Frenzel, ticks all of my boxes. First up, it's a..

7 inspiring life lessons that are hidden in every great story

7 Inspiring Life Lessons That are Hidden in Every Great Story

This article inspires you by revealing 7 hidden secrets of every great story to provoke you consciously.

Windows xp’s market share fell by less than 1% in august | techcrunch

Windows XP’s Market Share Fell By Less Than 1% In August  | TechCrunch

According to Net Applications, Windows XP's global desktop market share fell from 24.82 percent in July, to 23.89 percent in August. That's just under one..

How facebook's newest teen engineer supported his family with apps until cashing in

How Facebook's newest teen engineer supported his family with apps until cashing in

18-year-old Michael Sayman has a new job, as one of Facebook’s youngest ever full-time engineers. His family has been struggling financially since the recession, and Sayman will be using his new tech salary to help support them.