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Apple secretly acquired “pandora for books” startup booklamp to battle amazon | techcrunch

Apple Secretly Acquired “Pandora For Books” Startup BookLamp To Battle Amazon | TechCrunch

E-book data analysis company BookLamp may have been acquired by Apple, according to a source and several bits of corroborating evidence that point to the..

Facebook beats in q2 with $2.91 billion in revenue, 62% of ad revenue from mobile, 1.32b users | techcrunch

Facebook Beats In Q2 With $2.91 Billion In Revenue, 62% Of Ad Revenue From Mobile, 1.32B Users | TechCrunch

Facebook's earnings beat projections for the 8th quarter straight with $2.91B in revenue and $0.42EPS in Q2 2014. Still, its share price dipped 0.24% in..

Techcrunch helsinki meetup sees finland’s new startup generation | techcrunch

TechCrunch Helsinki Meetup Sees Finland’s New Startup Generation | TechCrunch

Finland has a rich heritage in technology. Whatever crisis of confidence the masters of Nokia had, eventually leading to its gutting by Microsoft, that long..

Want to help fact-check breaking news like the malaysian airplane disaster? here's how and where you can do it

Want to help fact-check breaking news like the Malaysian airplane disaster? Here's how and where you can do it

Everyone complains about how social media is full of hoaxes and inaccuracies in the aftermath of a breaking-news event like the shooting down of Malaysian Flight MH17, but we all have the ability to fact-check the news. Here are some resources to do so

The smart key chain will store your files, check your email, and find your keys | techcrunch

The Smart Key Chain Will Store Your Files, Check Your Email, And Find Your Keys | TechCrunch

Because everything is getting smarter, it would be silly to think that keychains would be exempt. The Smart Keychain has four uses in one small package:..

When computer users were programmers | science blogs | wired

When Computer Users Were Programmers | Science Blogs | WIRED

There is a lot of excitement around the current trend to get more people to be into computer programming. Whether or not they end up becoming coders, we can all at least can gain a bit from “computational thinking.” Perhaps with this movement, computer users will all eventually become computational creators. Unlikely, but we can…

Facebook launches save, a read-it-later list for links, places, and media pages | techcrunch

Facebook Launches Save, A Read-It-Later List For Links, Places, And Media Pages | TechCrunch

Two years after acqhiring read-it-later startup Spool, Facebook today launched a basic Pocket competitor called Save. It's a feature for iOS, Android, and..

Microsoft parodies “i’m sexy and i know it” and it’s the worst | techcrunch

Microsoft Parodies “I’m Sexy And I Know It” And It’s The Worst | TechCrunch

// Update: it appears that the video has been marked private. I swear it worked a few minutes ago. // Second update: Mirror of sorts. // Third update:..

Apple acquires booklamp, which was once a great book recommendation site

Apple acquires BookLamp, which was once a great book recommendation site

Apple has acquired BookLamp, the Boise, Idaho-based startup that aimed to provide better book recommendations based on thousands of elements of a book’s text.

Chrome android beta gets single sign-in for google sites and new material design looks | techcrunch

Chrome Android Beta Gets Single Sign-In For Google Sites And New Material Design Looks | TechCrunch

Google has a hit on its hands with Material Design in my opinion, which is why it's great to see it already making its way into some products ahead of Android..

Easy location-sharing app jink is kind to your smartphone’s battery | techcrunch

Easy Location-Sharing App Jink Is Kind To Your Smartphone’s Battery | TechCrunch

Jink is an iOS and Android app with one goal: to answer the question "where the heck are you?" The location sharing app, developed by Taipei and San..



onebody - private member portal for churches built with Ruby on Rails

Amazon quietly launches its consumer-facing mobile wallet app, amazon wallet | techcrunch

Amazon Quietly Launches Its Consumer-Facing Mobile Wallet App, Amazon Wallet | TechCrunch

Amazon's first attempt at its own mobile wallet application, designed for use at the point-of-sale, has made a quiet debut on the Amazon Appstore and on..

Apple makes os x yosemite beta download available to testers | techcrunch

Apple Makes OS X Yosemite Beta Download Available To Testers | TechCrunch

Apple has flipped the switch on the OS X Yosemite Beta today as promised, and if you've already signed up and been accepted to the Beta program, you can head..

With 1m sold in the last quarter, google’s chromebooks are a hit with schools | techcrunch

With 1M Sold In The Last Quarter, Google’s Chromebooks Are A Hit With Schools | TechCrunch

During its earnings call this week, Google announced that it -- and its partners -- sold a million Chromebooks to schools in the last quarter. Overall PC..

Overswipe’s photo app makes it safe to hand over your phone | techcrunch

Overswipe’s Photo App Makes It Safe To Hand Over Your Phone  | TechCrunch

There are a number of third-party applications that offer up a "secret folder" on your iPhone for hiding certain, ahem, private photos from prying eyes. But..

The majority of today’s app businesses are not sustainable | techcrunch

The Majority Of Today’s App Businesses Are Not Sustainable | TechCrunch

Though the app stores continue to fill up with ever more mobile applications, the reality is that most of these are not sustainable businesses. According to a..

Amazon’s cloud is growing so fast it’s scaring shareholders | enterprise | wired

Amazon’s Cloud Is Growing So Fast It’s Scaring Shareholders | Enterprise | WIRED

Amazon has pulled off a pretty amazing trick over the past decade. It's invented and then built a nearly $5 billion cloud computing business catering to fickle software developers and put the rest of the technology industry on the defensive. Big enterprise software companies such as IBM and HP and even Google are playing catchup, even as they acknowledge that ...

Microsoft reports $23.38b fq4 revenue including $2b in phone top line, misses with eps of $0.55 | techcrunch

Microsoft Reports $23.38B FQ4 Revenue Including $2B In Phone Top Line, Misses With EPS Of $0.55 | TechCrunch

Today after the bell Microsoft reported its fiscal fourth quarter performance, including revenue for the period of $23.38 billion and earnings per share of..