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Venrock closes $450 million seventh fund to invest in tech and healthcare startups | techcrunch

Venrock Closes $450 Million Seventh Fund To Invest In Tech And Healthcare Startups | TechCrunch

Long-running venture capital firm Venrock just closed its seventh fund, bringing in $450 million in new capital. The firm, which has been around since the..

Fotopedia will shut down its apps and website on august 10 | techcrunch

Fotopedia Will Shut Down Its Apps And Website On August 10 | TechCrunch

About six years ago, former Apple Application Division CTO Jean-Marie Hullot founded Fotopedia, a startup that in its early days tried to bring the coffee..

A portrait of priests and nuns, watching the decline of catholic culture | raw file | wired

A Portrait of Priests and Nuns, Watching the Decline of Catholic Culture | Raw File | WIRED

Catholicism’s reach and influence in the western world has been waning for decades, a large yet incremental shift difficult to document with a camera. Photographer Mika Goodfriend does so, beautifully, by focusing on the small and the personal in his series Fraternité Sacerdotale. The series provides a glimpse into the lives of the priests and…

Pagerduty lands $27.2m in series b to simplify it incident management | techcrunch

PagerDuty Lands $27.2M In Series B To Simplify IT Incident Management | TechCrunch

PagerDuty, a 5-year old IT incidents management startup, announced $27.2M in Series B funding today lead by Bessemer Venture Partners with help from early..’s app with free access to facebook, google, wikipedia, local info launches in zambia | techcrunch

Internet.Org’s App With Free Access To Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Local Info Launches In Zambia | TechCrunch

85% of the 5 billion people without Internet simply can't afford data plans. So Facebook's accessibility initiative today launches its Android..

As its suitors amass, t-mobile beats out its competitors in q2 subscriber growth

As its suitors amass, T-Mobile beats out its competitors in Q2 subscriber growth

T-Mobile added 1.5 million new mobile connections in 2nd quarter, beating out its three larger rivals in growth, but it didn’t come close to matching the blowout performance of Q1.

France’s iliad makes a surprise bid for t-mobile. would it be a better fit?

France’s Iliad makes a surprise bid for T-Mobile. Would it be a better fit?

Iliad owns Free Mobile, an upstart carrier overturning France’s mobile industry. Now it wants to do the same in the U.S. with T-Mobile’s help, though it will have to get through Sprint and SoftBank first.

The nfl gets quantified intelligence courtesy of shoulder pad-mounted motion trackers | techcrunch

The NFL Gets Quantified Intelligence Courtesy of Shoulder Pad-Mounted Motion Trackers | TechCrunch

The NFL is making a move to integrate RFID-based activity tracking tech to give fans, coaches and players more information about what exactly athletes go..

Meet the creative crew generating some of the internet’s coolest gifs | design | wired

Meet the Creative Crew Generating Some of the Internet’s Coolest GIFs | Design | WIRED

The GIF is growing up. In just the past couple years it’s graduated from grainy loops of LOLing babies to an artistic medium that’s endorsed by the venerable Saatchi Gallery in London and commissioned by newspaper heavyweights like The New York Times. New art forms tend to inspire an infrastructure of people and organizations: fans,…

The new york times' new app strategy seems lackluster at best -- so what does it do now?

The New York Times' new app strategy seems lackluster at best -- so what does it do now?

The new mobile apps from the New York Times have so far failed to make much of an impact, and the paper’s existing paywall is peaking in terms of its reach. So what does the company do now in order to find new readers and revenue?’s contactless ultrasound transfer tech aims to best nfc | techcrunch’s Contactless Ultrasound Transfer Tech Aims To Best NFC | TechCrunch

Microphone: check. Speaker: check... Israeli startup is working on a universal alternative to NFC that relies on high pitched soundwaves to perform..

If only it was 2009: blackberry releases a bbm app for windows phone

If only it was 2009: BlackBerry releases a BBM app for Windows Phone

There’s a new BBM app for Windows Phone, bringing the messaging service to all three major mobile platforms (sorry BlackBerry.)

Google tells eu regulators it has the right to notify publishers of requests to be forgotten - digits - wsj

Google tells EU regulators it has the right to notify publishers of requests to be forgotten  - Digits - WSJ

Google on Thursday answered EU regulators who questioned its implementation of the 'right to be forgotten,' saying that only by informing publishers of removals can it receive complaints that may expose illegitimate requests it has erroneously granted.

The gadgets and gear we couldn’t get enough of this month | gadget lab | wired

The Gadgets and Gear We Couldn’t Get Enough of This Month | Gadget Lab | WIRED

This is the stuff from our lives that we either own and never want to let go, or that we’ve been testing and are totally enamored with. This is July's most loved gear.

France's iliad makes bold bid for t-mobile us

France's Iliad makes bold bid for T-Mobile US

French upstart telecommunications company Iliad SA has made an offer for T-Mobile US Inc., in a bold bid to counter an offer for the country's fourth-largest wireless carrier by Sprint Corp.

15 don’ts that happy couples follow.

15 Don’ts that happy couples follow.

All couples go through some hair-ripping and teeth clenching moments, but there are some happy couples who focus on some particular Don’ts.

Solving optimal health for google[x] in north carolina | techcrunch

Solving Optimal Health For Google[x] In North Carolina  | TechCrunch

Cannon Mills was a textile company that stood on the edge of the blue collar town of Kannapolis, North Carolina for over 100 years. The company employed more..

Lg g3 review: ultra-thin bezels and a quad hd display brings a new king | techcrunch

LG G3 Review: Ultra-thin Bezels And A Quad HD Display Brings A New King | TechCrunch

The last LG phone I owned was the LG Shine in 2008 and I never thought I would want an LG phone after that. Since then I've owned mostly Samsung devices, but..

Mobile ad startup applovin says it has reached a $100m revenue run rate | techcrunch

Mobile Ad Startup AppLovin Says It Has Reached A $100M Revenue Run Rate | TechCrunch

Mobile marketing company AppLovin only came out of stealth mode a couple months ago, but CEO Adam Foroughi says it has already reached a $100 million run rate..